Facts about Workers Compensation

Workers’ compensation is the insurance provided for workers that includes cash benefits along with medical facilities, if any worker is injured during his working hours at his workplace and due to his work. The employee or worker, for whom this compensation is entitled, does not have to pay for it in any way; it is entirely upon the employer to pay toward this insurance for each employee he has.

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The Workers’ compensation is available in every state to insure the life of a worker while at work. It is also known as workman’s compensation at some places. Though there might be changes from state to state, yet there are certain basic facts that are common for this kind of compensation all over.

  1. It is not a mandatory thing for every employer to have the workers’ compensation program. There should be a minimum of employees before an employer can opt for this insurance for his employees.
  2. Not all employees are entitled to this insurance in a company, some of them may be exempted, for instance the daily paid labors cannot be a part of this insurance format.
  3. Unlike a personal injury case you do not need to prove that it was due to your employer’s negligence that you had to endure such pains. All you need to prove is that you endured the pain while you were working.
  4. You cannot choose which medical assistant will attend you; it depends on the employer’s discretion. Whichever medical provider is mentioned by your employer in the insurance, you will have to go there, whether or not you like it. In case you refuse to go to the same then you are eligible to lose your insurance totally. Moreover, if you want to go to a medical provider of your own choice you will have to bear the expenses by yourself too.
  5. The fee given to the lawyers handling cases of workers’ compensation is given on a contingency basis. It is thus that you need to be very careful while selecting a lawyer for yourself. Someone as experienced and efficient as Jeffrey Glassman Attorney should be hired in order to get the maximum benefit from the insurance.
  6. The fee of every lawyer working in this kind of a case must be approved by the Workers’ Compensation Commission or Board. This may be known by different names at different places, however, the basic intention is the same, that of settling disparities between employer and employee.

The workers’ compensation insurance provided to employees is extremely advantageous to especially those who work under hazardous conditions and are always risking their lives for their work. The growing popularity of this insurance has made the career of a lawyer who handles these cases also very popular and sought after.