Expert Opinion: Do People Need to Eat Meat?


In this paper, you will find an academic research on whether people need to eat meat or we should all become vegetarians.

Academic Research: Meat Lovers vs. Vegetarians

Recently, more and more people are giving up meat: some for ethical reasons, others for health reasons. So here, we have a question: what is better – to eat meat or to be a vegetarian? Does meat really contain irreplaceable substances and which ones? Is it true that meat is a carcinogen? It is an interesting topic for the conducting a little research. It will be useful not only for your academic papers but also for the clear understanding of the processes in your body caused by meat. Let us do some research on this topic for you to write an interesting essay, which will amaze your professor.

The Roots of the Tradition of Eating Meat

First of all, we need to start with historical reference, because your essay must begin with the introduction of the topic. It is believed that our ancestors ceased to be vegetarians about two and a half million years ago – then they did not even know how to hunt and build a fire, so they ate raw meat of dead animals. Half a million years ago, hunting became a part of the way of life, and for ten thousand years before our time, people began to tame animals. Both hunting and agriculture demanded communication between people which means the development of the brain – so, meat eating is indirectly the mean of human evolution. Recently, researchers have found that meat eating has allowed our ancestors to reduce the period of feeding the newborns and the interval between births – that is, to increase fertility.

Meat vs. Vegetables

If you chose this topic for an essay, you need to compare meat and vegetables in order to learn the issue deeply. The most important thing is that meat, eggs, and milk give us a high-quality protein. The structure of proteins of animals is closer than the structure of proteins of vegetables to human, and therefore for the organism, it is easier to assimilate them. Nevertheless, the use of exclusively plant nutrition with the same success covers the body’s need for essential amino acids if the diet is sufficiently diverse. One of the problems of a vegetarian diet is the lack of two essential amino acids – lysine and tryptophan, which are also needed for the formation of collagen (protein bundles, skin, and nails). However, this problem can be handled if you eat beans, soy, seeds, and nuts.

Vitamins and Elements

The most important in writing essay are convincing arguments and examples that illustrate them. If it comes to our topic, you need to mention that one of the most important microelements for a human is iron. It is necessary for the synthesis of enzymes, and even for the transfer of oxygen – iron is a part of its protein hemoglobin. According to WHO, anemia caused by the iron deficiency is the most common disorder in the world, which is noted by more than two billion people. The risk group includes, first of all, populations, whose access to meat is limited.

Plant products also include iron, but in animals, as in humans, it enters a chemical complex called heme – and that in turn is a part of the hemoglobin molecule. So, heme iron (iron from animal products) is digested much better. In addition, the oxalates (derivatives of oxalic acid, which are present in sorrel, black pepper, and celery) interfere the absorption of iron. Vitamin C, on the contrary, helps the iron to be absorbed. Still, iron absorption is influenced by other processes – for example, infections or a momentary need for it.

Vitamin B12

You may also write some additional information to make your essay more valuable. For example, you can find information about other nutrients that meat contains. So, we are here to help you! An important substance, which is presented only in animal products, is vitamin B12. It is necessary for the normal functioning of the nervous system and for the formation of blood cells, and the best source of it is the liver. Vitamin B12 is generally not obtained by plants, but with a refusal of meat, it can be gained from fish, eggs, and dairy products. Vegan products like soy milk and cheese are additionally enriched with vitamin B12. Calcium, which is necessary for healthy bones and normal muscle contractility, including the heart, can be found in dairy products.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is needed to assimilate calcium. It can be obtained from oily fish and eggs, as well as from foods fortified with this vitamin. As you know, the main “source” of vitamin D is the sun, as it is produced under the influence of ultraviolet rays. The British Association of Dieticians recommends to stay in the sun for at least 15 minutes a day between April and September, and in other months take supplements containing vitamin D. Unfortunately, just being in the sun is usually not enough. After all, we should protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation (and do it right).

Meat Products

Of course, you must determine the scientific conclusions about this issue in your paper. In 2015, WHO published a conclusion that eating processed red meat can lead to the formation of malignant tumors. Things are not so unambiguous with the red meat, therefore WHO refers it to “potentially carcinogenic” products. It is recommended not to consume more than 70 g of red and processed meat per day. White meat may be a good idea to replace red meat (beef, pork, and lamb) with chicken or turkey. To reduce the amount of meat in the diet, you can try “Monday without meat” – the initiative of the international movement of the same name. Activists, including Sir Paul McCartney, say that by giving up meat one day a week, one can improve both health and the ecology of the planet – about 20% of the gases that enhance the greenhouse effect are produced by the livestock sector.


It is known that vegetarians have the lower risk of cardiovascular diseases and some tumors, as well as a longer life expectancy. However, it is still unclear with what exactly this is connected – with the exception of meat or with the consumption of plant products. For example, fruits and vegetables contain fiber, the use of which reduces the risk of a number of diseases. Animal products can contain more fats and calories with fewer grams, and products such as sausages – a lot of salt, the use of which is also recommended to cut.

In the conclusion you need to show your point of view. Maybe, you are a convinced vegetarian but after the research, your attitude changed a bit. Whatever it was, nutrition experts do not get tired repeating that harmful and useful products do not exist and everything depends on the balance. If you abandon animal products, regardless of the reasons, you just need to monitor the presence of all the necessary substances in the diet. For more interesting essays and papers, visit our site Professional to Write My Essay.

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