Marrison Family Law Makes Divorce Less Painful

Divorce has, is and will always be associated with a negative connotation, even if it may be for the good of one of the two. A divorce will be painful for either parties involved, less for one while more for the other; the psychological effects of the legal procedure is quite intense. This is what the expert eloquence of lawyers at the Marrison Family Law tackles most efficiently. Their empathy for the couples and their children, if they have any, going through this emotional turmoil, makes them handle their clients with utmost care.

This law firm functioning successfully in Colorado Sprigs, CO, is by far the best of its kind in the Pikes Peak Area. They hold experience and expertise in divorce and military divorce for more than 25 years, and the ensuing cases of child custody and child support as well. Their mission is to help you get the most suitable legal solution for the separation, so that finally you can settle down in life.

Divorcing someone is never an easy task, no matter how much you may hate the other person; especially if there are children involved; but nonetheless, the rate of divorces are on the acceleration mode. There are many ways in which you can claim for a divorce from your spouse:

  1. Collaborative Divorce: this is not the traditional type of divorce; instead it is the resolution of the dispute voluntarily. Both the spouses hire lawyers and together they work out the settlement of things that is in the best of interests for both parties. There is a clause in this case type that each have to sign, whereby, if they for some reason fail to come to a mutual consensus, the attorneys will leave the case and make arrangements for the transitioning of the case to the trial attorneys.

  1. Contested Divorce: this is the ideal type of divorce that is most commonly known in which either of the spouses are contenders of each other, and they are not able to consent to anything mutually. This leads them through a process of exchanging discovery wherein financial documents, hearings and settlement negotiations are exchanged. If there still does not seem to be a settlement then the case moves on to the trial court.

  1. Uncontested Divorce: the cheapest form of divorce case known to exist which indulges in the preparation of an agreement by both, keeping I mind both their conveniences. This is another out of the court settlement method.

  1. Default Divorce: when one of the two files a divorce and the other fails to respond within a given time, the court grants divorce to the former, even without the appearance of the latter at the court.

It might be easy to know what are the varieties in which divorce can be conducted, by facing it is a different ball-game altogether. With the assistance of Marrison Family Law attorneys, however, you know you have chosen the right law firm for one of the darkest times of your life.