3 Dirty Divorce Tricks You Should Never Play

Sometimes divorce can come as a complete surprise. Your spouse may announce one afternoon while you are on vacation that he or she is in love with someone else. Strong emotions may take over, such as anger, fear, helplessness, and vengeance. Although you can play the victim and fight back with dirty tricks, the animosity those type of actions can create is never worth the end result – especially if you have children. Here are three dirty divorce tactics you should never, ever play on your soon to be ex-spouse.

  1. Clean Out Your Accounts

While you may feel a momentary sense of satisfaction at knowing your spouse has no way of paying the bills, buying food, or even paying for car gas, your enjoyment won’t last long if you clean out your accounts. Once your spouse contacts his or her attorney, and your family attorney Tampa is phoned, an emergency hearing will be called, and there will become a legal record of your unfair dealings in the divorce proceedings.

  1. Make Accusations of Child Abuse

For some reason, some people think this is a good idea to make false accusations, but a false report of child abuse can get you arrested for a crime. Judges know that people get heated during an emotional divorce, but filing a false report is against the law. Talk to your lawyer if you believe abuse may be problem instead of making wild accusations.

  1. Take the Kids Out of State

Although you may believe that taking the kids to another state is a good way of getting back at your soon to be ex, the truth is that you will be hurting the children more than your spouse. In some cases, the judge may even remove the children from your control and give custody to the spouse staying in state.

The moral of the story of divorce is to beware of your actions. Think before you play a dirty divorce trick because they often backfire.