Hard work and devotion to integration of improved safety in the amusement industry

Theme park and amusement park accidents are, for better or worse, looked at much like major airline accidents. Thousands upon thousands of rides are taken by excited, enthusiastic participants at these parks daily all around the world without incident; the numbers get into the millions annually. Here, the same can be said for domestic and international air flights. But in both cases, when an accident occurs, it immediately makes international headlines. Safety investigations quickly ensue in both cases. The “powers that be” want to know how and why the accident happened, and what can be done to improve conditions so that such an occurrence will never happen again.

Randy King, a ride expert witness who created DBA Entertainment Safety Solutions in 2010, has spent his career in developing programs and safety initiatives, among other vital components related to guest and employee safety.

Mr. King began his career in the amusement industry as a Medcor paramedic at Six Flags Astroworld/Waterworld in 1985. His rise onward and upward was rapid right from the very beginning. He was promoted to Medical Administrator the next year, opening and operating medical services for the new Fame City amusement and water park facility. It was here where he made his first highly significant contribution to safety procedures, co-creating a life-saving “in the water” spinal immobilization technique, a procedure still used today in aquatics spinal immobilization.

In his time with Six Flags (who he would be with until a 1998 corporate buyout led him back to Medcor, Inc.), he was responsible for a number of safety initiatives, essentially changing and significantly pioneering efforts to integrate safety measures and protocol into all operational aspects of the industry.

Through his hard work and devotion to the integration of improved safety in the amusement industry, both patron and employee injury claims have been significantly reduced. Certified in a number of different areas relating to his education and experience, Mr. King continues to lead by example. His footprint in the industry continues to grow bigger as he stays active in a myriad number of significant roles in the amusement and safety industry.