Know Your Solicitor – They Could Become Your Closest Ally

You most often need a solicitor during a particularly challenging time, when you rely on them to help resolve difficult issues as quickly as possible and with the minimum impact to you or your business. In order to feel confident that your solicitor is giving the best legal assistance, you need to know and trust them.

The importance of building a relationship and trust.

Creating a good working relationship with your solicitor is the best way to ensure the most successful outcome for your case. When trust exists in your relationship, it’s easier for clients to feel comfortable sharing information with their solicitor. Being open and honest is essential to ensure they have all the facts with which to inform the best options going forward.

Once a valued relationship has been established, it’s also easier for a client to trust the advice of the solicitor. This may not be easy when your solicitor has to tell you something you may not want to hear, but if a good relationship exists and the advice is trusted, it’s easier to accept.

Knowing what your solicitor can do for you

Take time to understand the role of your solicitor by talking to them about what they will do in your case. It’s essential from the beginning to have good two-way communication and understanding how your solicitor works is a good starting point. Agree early on how to communicate with each other and set expectations around this.

Ensure you’ve found a solicitor with a good reputation

Another way to help you build trust in the solicitor you are working with is to find one with a good reputation. In a previous post, “Three tips to finding a trusted solicitor”, we discussed ways you can find a reputable solicitor with the expertise you need.

GSC Solicitors

Firms such as GSC Solicitors London are well known and have an excellent reputation by ensuring that they have a well-established team of solicitors with expertise within particular sectors of the law. The advice we’ve provided clients over the years has gained us a reputation across London for being professional and trustworthy.

This type of background information can be found through recommendations from people you know, but you can also check our firm’s reputation by reading Google recommendations or checking industry reviews, such as the Legal 500 (

GSC Solicitors is a London City based commercial law firm with expert teams that help clients with a range of legal specialisations. We combine innovation and market knowledge with a personal, client-focused approach to deliver the highest professional standards.

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