Surprising Facts About Medical Malpractices

It probably comes as no surprise that almost 20,000 doctors were sued last year for medical malpractice. That means that thousands of trusted specialists neglected their patients by failing to take the appropriate action, advised or omitted appropriate treatment, or gave a patient such poor quality of care that it caused permanent disability or death. When that many trusted individuals are involved in life-threatening medical errors, it may make you wonder just what types of problems doctors are sued for. Here is a short example of some of those lawsuits.

Premature Discharge

Patients are always eager to go home but discharging someone before they are fit to go without treatment or care is a serious problem.

Improper Medication

Doctors are busy, but are they so busy they are allowed to give the wrong medication or assign the wrong dosage? No!

Hasty Closure

When a doctor and his or her team are in a hurry, inattentive, or in crises mode, they have been known to leave things in a patient’s body that they then close up.

Infectious Care

You may believe a hospital is a clean and sanitary place, but you would be wrong. Thousands of individuals acquire infections and diseases from hospitals each year – even deadly ones.

Need Glasses

Sometimes doctors just get everything wrong, even the part of the body they are supposed to be operating on. Yes, many times patients have woken to find they were missing a fully functioning body part.

Now What?

Horror stories abound about patients being told they have a serious medical condition that requires surgery, but upon second opinion, they find there is nothing wrong with them. Yes, it actually happens.

If you find yourself or someone you love in one of these ghastly medical malpractice scenarios, why not contact a lawyer to learn more about what can be done for you. No one deserves to be treated incorrectly, suffer needlessly, or lose the wrong body part. That is medical malpractice!