You Can Protect Yourself in a Mass Shooting


The frequency of mass shootings is staggering, and no matter where you look, there are news articles and stories of people that have been injured or lost their lives in a terrible ordeal. Because mass shootings shatter lives and leaves communities in broken tatters, there is more unease about leaving the house or gathering at large events. To counter the situation, you can know just what to do to protect yourself in a mass shooting. Here is advice from the experts:

Know What a Gunshot Sounds Like

You may have recently thought you heard an automobile backfire in your neighborhood and began questioning if it was a gun shot. Most Americans don’t know the difference. Would you be able to tell the sound of a gunshot from a balloon that popped in a crowed area, or a book that was dropped loudly? Most can’t recognize which sound is which. So, the first thing you need to do is find out what gunfire sounds like.

Be Aware of Your Immediate Surroundings

When entering a large area, do you know where the exit is? Can you find a table to get under or a door to hide behind if necessary? If you see anyone that exhibits frantic or wild behavior, move away from that area and locate a security or police station to report the incident. Police take multiple reports of disturbances seriously, so it is important for individuals to report suspicious disruptions or chaotic people. Alerts from worried people have saved many lives and deterred many more serious situations.

Stay Calm During the Mass Panic

When people become aware of a shooter, panic sets in and individuals begin running everywhere, and in all directions. You can stay calm because you know where the exits are, and if they are too far away, you know you should find a doorway, table, or some other protective cover. If you have children with you, make sure to gather them and hold onto their clothing – not their arms. Little arms can slip from your grasp as you struggle through panicked people.

Escape as Quickly as You Can

Although you may have seen people zigzagging through bullets, don’t. Run straight for an exit. If you can, help others get there too, but don’t stop for a long enough time to become a target. If you do get shot, call a personal injury lawyer immediately after you get to a safe place. Involving the attorney as soon as possible can alleviate problems for you and assure you get the best medical care available.

Help Others That Escaped the Scene

There may be lost children, elderly, disabled, or those that are incapable of making sense of the shooter’s actions. No matter why they are lost or alone, the individuals need to be directed toward a secure location. Ask authorities if there is anything you can do and if they say no, respect their authority.

You can protect yourself and your family if you ever run into a shooting scenario because you know how to handle the situation. Stay calm, run to an exit, and escape as quickly as possible.

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