3 Examples of Personal Injury Cases

The term personal injury is probably a familiar one. However, the chances are pretty good that you don’t know what falls under this legal category.

When a person suffers a personal injury, it is something that occurred through no fault of their own. It happens when another is negligent, and it results in someone else getting hurt. There are some instances where negligence seems obvious, but others when it isn’t. Familiarize yourself with these three examples of personal injury cases so that you can be ready should you need help.

1. Motor Vehicle Accidents

A car crash is traumatic, and the injuries that result can leave a person financially strapped. The degree of damage varies, and a personal injury attorney columbia md is someone who you can consult with about where your case stands. When another driver is at-fault for your collision, and you suffer a physical injury, a personal injury suit may help fill the gap between what insurance will pay.

2. Medical Malpractice

A doctor is someone you can trust to give you the best advice and treatment when you are ill or hurt. However, they do make mistakes. If a doctor fails to diagnose you accurately or misdiagnoses you, it could fall under medical malpractice. In these cases, doctors and other medical professionals have done something or have failed to do something that rises to the level of a standard of medical care. Their negligence results in you getting worse or suffering another injury.

3. Dog Bites

An encounter with a canine at someone’s home or out in the park can quickly turn bad. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, dogs bite people for a variety of reasons, mostly out of fear. If the dog was not properly secure, or the owner knew it could become aggressive or skittish, it may rise to the level of personal injury.

When you get hurt because someone else was careless or reckless, you may be able to recover damages for your injuries and lost wages. Speaking with a professional about your case may shed some light on the matter.