Do I Need a Lawyer for a Work Injury?

Safety at work should always be a top priority no matter your profession, and it is important to take every precaution possible to ensure a comfortable and efficient working experience. However, accidents can still happen, and the injury you suffer can be serious enough to put you out of work anywhere from a few days to a few months, costing you money in missed work and medical expenses along the way.

That’s were an attorney comes in, as having someone who can help you get workers’ compensation will allow you to keep your wallet in shape while speeding up the time it takes for you to get back to your job. Here are some reasons for why you need a lawyer for a work injury.

Potential Scenarios

The best lawyers are those who are prepared for as many situations as possible. Injuries can come in many forms at work, such as slips and falls, vehicle accidents, defective products, negligence from another co-worker, or a bite from a dog or other animal. These injuries depend on the nature of the job, the equipment you need for your specific occupation, and whether or not another person was involved in the incident and to what extent.

Hiring a professional such as a personal injury lawyer will put you in the hands of someone who has dealt with a variety of injuries. Such attorneys will know the quickest and most efficient ways to recover from particular injuries, as well as the best ways to save on your medical costs. They will also be able to help you gain compensation for the type of injury you suffer in a way that will keep you covered for your recovery period and help you avoid such incidents in the future.

Denied Claims

You may be among those who are already prepared to claim for workers’ compensation, should you need. However, there’s always the possibility that your claim will be denied. Your insurance company can give you a variety of reasons for this, such as certain factors in the incident making your injury not work-related, or you filing your claim past a certain date. A lack of witnesses may negatively impact the chances of your claim being accepted, as can filing the claim after being fired or laid off.

A lawyer with expertise in work injuries is helpful in this situation, as he/she can argue for you about how your claim should be accepted despite the date of the filing because of how serious your injury is. Evidence is significant here, as the more proof of your accident you have, the easier it will be for your attorney to present your case and the significance of your compensation.

Preexisting Conditions

Suffering a broken arm or leg out of nowhere can be bad enough, but your job can be harder than it should be if you’re already experiencing a certain condition before you start it. For instance, a preexisting condition that affects your back or legs, is bad news if your job involves lifting and/or moving heavy material. A respiratory issue can be made worse if your job requires working with material that can release chemicals in the air, which could get into your lungs if the gear you wear isn’t protecting you.

You should make any condition clear before you start your job; otherwise, an insurance company may be able to deny your workers’ compensation claim, as they will most likely tell you that your injury is not work-related and instead blame your preexisting condition. The right lawyer, however, will not only be able to help you work in a way that helps you get the job done despite your condition, but also help you get your compensation by pointing out how you continued to work despite any health issues.

Your Ability to Keep Working

Injuries at work can vary in their severity. You may be lucky enough to suffer a cut or bruises that will put you out only for a few days instead of broken bones that can keep you from work for as long as a month or so. Some people also have an easier time healing than others, which can affect how much you spend on medical expenses. While you may have healed enough to get back to work, you may still be dealing with problems that keep you from performing as well as you previously did.

When you have a lawyer, you can figure out the best ways to recover from different injuries so that you don’t have any problems when you get back on the job. The right attorney will also be able to figure out how your company should help you not only with covering expenses, but providing assistance during work so that you can get your tasks done when they want and the way they desire.

Take these factors into consideration so that you have a lawyer ready to help you recover from an injury at work physically, mentally, and financially.