Understanding Semi Truck Accidents

A semi-truck accident is a vehicle accident between a semi-truck and passenger vehicle or pedestrian. It is a no-brainier that a passenger vehicle or pedestrian is no match for a commercial weighing more than a ton. A victim an accident of this magnitude can suffer serious injuries. The accident can also be fatal. Any victim of a semi-truck accident will need the help of a semi truck crash attorney Joliet IL. The victim may not they were not the cause of the accident, but liability and causes will need to be determined to obtain compensation for injuries or a loved one’s death.

 Indiana Defines Negligence as a Failure to Operate a Motor Vehicle Like a Reason Driver 

In Indiana, to win a semi-truck accident, an accident needs to show they were not at fault. Negligence is defined as the failure to operate a motor vehicle like a reasonable driver would in the same and/or similar situation. This means if a truck driver would have yielded at an intersection, but the accident driver did not, the accident driver is at fault.  

Who Is Liability for a Semi-Truck Accident in Joliet? 

 Many semi-truck accident victims often think the driver is automatically responsible. The drivers are not always responsible. Other factors may have caused the semi-truck accident. For instance, the semi-truck owner may be at fault. He could have done something like for the driver to work more hours than allowed or didn’t follow regulations. Other people who could possibly be at fault for a semi-truck accident include: 

  1. The shipper or loader of the truck’s cargo. The loader or shipper could overload the cargo on the truck and cause it to tip over while in transit. The driver has nothing to do with loading the cargo onto the semi-truck.

  2. The company or person responsible for the semi-truck. A person or company can lease a semi-truck from another company to transport goods. They may do something to cause the semi-truck accident.
    Manufacturer of the semi-truck. The semi-truck may be defective somehow. For instance, it could have been made with a defective part such as tires that caused the accident.  

  4. Maintenance company. A maintenance company, whether it is an independent contractor or truck company’s employee, could fail to fix a problem with the truck. This maintenance problem could cause an accident while the driver is in transit.  

If an accident victim files a lawsuit against the truck driver and the driver can prove they weren’t at fault, the case ends. The only way to determine for sure if the truck driver was at fault or someone else to have a Car accident lawyer investigation. The investigation will determine fault. By determining fault, your attorney will know who to sue to recover damages for their client. 

Recovering Damages in a Semi-Truck Accident  

An accident victim can recover damages, or money, from the at-fault party by settlement or jury verdict. The latter requires prove the case in court. A settlement is often used by defendants to avoid going to court.