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Every business has some ups and downs. Renting a property is no different from any other form of business, you make an investment in a hope of making a good profit out of it. The downside of renting a property is, being stuck with a bad tenant.

When you are stuck in a difficult situation with your tenant, usually your first step is to communicate and mutually sort out the problem. But often this attempt doesn’t work the way you expect it to and you are forced to take some serious legal action against them. Here are a few scenarios in which you will need to hire the best Rockland County appeals attorney from the Stern Law to protect your rights:

  1. Evicting a Tenant: Outside the five boroughs of NYC, if you follow precisely the procedure required to evict a tenant, eviction can be accomplished. However, judges will look for any procedural error to find in favor of the tenant.

The grounds and procedural rules for evictions can be found in the New York Real Property Actions and Proceedings Law as well as the New York Real Property Law.

  1. Being sued for retaliation: There is always the possibility that a tenant will accuse you of illegal retaliation no matter how unsubstantial it is. Unless you are an experienced landlord with multiple properties and have handled evictions in the past, it is more cost-effective in the long run to retain an experienced attorney rather than to attempt an eviction on your own- it is just too technical for the layman.
  2. Sued for tenant’s injury/illness: If a tenant blames you for an injury or sickness and alleges that your carelessness in maintaining the property is the reason behind it, you can be faced with lawsuits under various legal theories including “constructive eviction” or “partial constructive eviction” as a result of claimed unsafe conditions at the rental apartment.
  3. Sued on account of property damage: Generally, you are not responsible for damages to tenant’s personal property. It is the tenant’s responsibility to obtain tenant insurance to cover any incidental damage that may occur as a result of, for example, a leaky roof damaging the tenant’s furniture.
  4. Buying or selling properties: Buying or selling a rental property can involve a lot of complexities and risks that you might not be aware of. Some examples are: does the buyer expect the building to be empty, or does the buyer wish to buy with the existing tenants in place? What happens to the security deposits you are retaining? A lawyer can help you dodge the pitfalls by taking the right steps, from negotiation process to the closure of the deal.

There can be much more situations like this from which only a good lawyer can pull you out. Stern Law Offices have the expertise to deal with such property disputes, you can contact them on (844) 783-7600 to consult your case with them.