Accident & Personal Injury Attorneys Are On Your Side


Do you remember the infamous Liebeck vs. McDonald’s case? The case was about Stella Lieback who bought a coffee from McDonald’s Restaurant and it spilled in her lap. She suffered third degree burns and she underwent skin grafts on her body.

There are two cases where an 18-year old Prince County woman was injured in a vehicle accident or a 50- year old woman was rear-ended? Both victims received expensive medical bills. Yes, in each of the above cases, the claimant’s personal injury and accident lawyers won them thousands of dollars.

These cases are known as accident and personal injury legal issues. If anyone has been injured due to someone else’s negligence, then they have a right to recover financial compensation. The monetary award is to cover medical expenses, pain and suffering, property damage and more.

Compensation for your pain and suffering is determined by how you have suffered due to your injuries, or how far into the future your injuries will affect your life. Pain and suffering in a personal injury case is known as non-pecuniary damages or general damages.

If you have been the victim of a personal injury as in the following areas, then you should pursue legal action:

• Metro accidents
• Truck accidents
• Vehicle accidents (car, truck, motorcycle)
• Wrongful death 

As an example, in personal injury cases like a motorcycle accident or a motor vehicle accident, the monetary damages are paid to the injured victim by the person at fault and who is legally responsible for the accident. 

You and your motorcycle accident attorney Annapolis md can file a claim for pain and suffering from your injuries. The courts will hear your case and make a determination if you meet certain requirements or if you meet the threshold.

In most circumstances, an insurance company is responsible for the payment of damages or the amount of damages can be agreed upon prior to trial at a settlement. However, your attorney will inform you of different circumstances that determine the value of your claim.

These factors include questions like what caused your injury, the type of injury, and how your injury impacts your daily lifestyle. When your lawyer receives your medical results, then they have a more accurate valuation of your monetary claim.


Choosing the right accident and personal injury attorneys is vital to your case. A few questions to consider and ask your attorneys include what their ranking is among state-wide law firms. What awards have they received as a trial law firm. What is their ranking in monetary awards for their client.

Ask if your attorneys are certified in accordance with the Martindale-Hubbell procedures, policies, and standards. Are your lawyers’ eminent lawyers of the bar registry? Will they return your calls or e-mails promptly? 

Will they come to your home or hospital room or other locations on weekends or during the evening? Lastly, do they provide a free initial consultation and have they established that you will pay no attorney fees unless there is an expiation in your case. Overall, as a client, you want accident and personal injury attorneys who are available when you need them.