Counting on an Accident Attorney to Win Your Injury Lawsuit

Just because you sustained injuries at the hands of another does not mean the insurance company is going to award you anything. The lawyers for the insurance company are paid well to cast doubt on your case, so while you are nursing your injuries back to health, you want a skilled accident attorney representing you and fighting to prove in a court you are entitled to the largest cash settlement. Here is how a personal injury attorney greenville sc law firm will help.

Allowing Experts to Preserve the Scene of the Accident

The sooner you make the call to the local personal injury lawyer, the better chance they can deploy their team of accident investigators to the scene. These experts are skilled at preserving the scene of the accident so that if the case does go to trial, the judge and jury can see things exactly as they were the day you were injured. The team begins by collecting measurements, video the surrounding region, take countless pictures, and locate witnesses in an effort to preserve their testimony. The more time this team has, the better they can preserve the evidence that is going to eventually convince the insurance company to settle for the amount requested by your attorney.

Not Having the Experience to Be Able Gather Information

If you are debating whether to call in a local accident attorney to represent you in your injury case, consider how much time you have on top of all the time you’ll be spending at the doctors. You need to have time to deal back and forth with the insurance company, access your medical charts, get to the police station to review the reports, and then access your own medical records. This all takes a lot of time and can be very frustrating when you don’t know what to do next. Your personal injury lawyer has a dedicated staff on hand that will take care of all these details in short order and files any paperwork when they are due.

Working on a Contingency Fee Basis

One of the biggest concerns for victims of accidents is figuring out where all the money is going to come from to pay for the doctor visits as they get treated. If you fight the case on your own or accept a settlement from the insurance company too easy, that money is used to cover those medical expenses and can leave you flat broke. Working with an attorney on a contingency fee basis means they will foot the bill for all the expenses and only get reimbursed when they win the case for you. There is really nothing to lose here because you get to see the best doctors without paying the bills up front, and when you win, the settlement is usually much higher because of the skills of your attorney. The sooner you reach out to the accident attorney after the accident, the sooner they can begin the long process of building a case that will result in you securing a top cash settlement.