Detrimental Effects of Roundup

Devoting yourself to work is fine, unless it takes your health away from you.

Among the many personal injury cases lawyers have been dealing with, Roundup cancer cases have been on a rise.


No farmer likes to have weed growing beside their crops. Roundup – also called glyphosate – was a chemical introduced by a chemist that offered a solution to this problem. He coined the chemical ‘Roundup’ and began marketing it in the early 1970s. Its popularity grew to an extent that people back in 2007, it was among the top most commonly used herbicides in the US.

Detrimental Aspects

It was soon after, that rumors began to wander in the market about the exposure of Roundup leading to cancer. Studies have been conducted since, about the chemical being carcinogenic to humans. Here are some of the most common illnesses that are linked to exposure of Roundup.


A study by the Brazilian Journal of Microbiology suggested that people who are exposed to glyphosate are prone to pathogenic bacteria. These are bacteria that are responsible for causing severe infections. The only good part about them is that not all of them are harmful to humans. On the other hand, continuous exposures, like the ones most farmers face, can lead to resistance against antibiotics.


Exposures to glyphosate are strongly linked with cancerous diseases like leukemia. In addition to blood cancer, the chemical also puts you at the risk of other cancers including breast cancer, brain cancer, and lung cancer.

Other Diseases

Being exposed to Roundup can also take you down a set of different, but detrimental roads. It is linked with ADHD, heart diseases, kidney diseases, and depression among many others. The alarming factor here is that glyphosate is only one of the active ingredients in this drug that lead to harmful diseases. The other eight are a thousand times more toxic.

Roundup Claims

People with occupations like working at Garden centers, nurseries, farm, and landscapes etc. are at the highest risk of Roundup exposures. If you have been working around this chemical and are facing a deteriorating health condition, it is best that you file a claim for it.

If you are a victim of Roundup cancer, you should file a claim with a personal injury lawyer. These lawyers deal with similar cases time and again and will help you receive the rightful settlement for all your financial damages from the disease. This may include everything starting from your current, past, and future medical bills, and wage losses etc.

According to an estimate, around 250-million pounds of Roundup is sprayed onto the crops every year. This is not the only way people get exposed to this chemical. Another study conducted at the University of Minnesota revealed that over 60% of the rain samples tested in the US had glyphosate in them.

In a Nutshell

Roundup is still being openly used in crops which is leading more people towards detrimental health conditions. If you are a victim, make sure you hire a personal injury lawyer and file a claim, especially if being exposed to the chemical is part of your job.