Do You Need a Car Accident Attorney in Bristol, PA?

If your injury is deemed minor and does not affect your daily life in a significant way, you probably do not need to hire a lawyer. However, you need to contact a reliable car accident attorney Bristol PA if the injury seems serious.

While you could always choose to handle the recovery process without the assistance of an attorney, there are good reasons to find help. Here is a little information to help you decide if you should hire an auto accident lawyer in Bristol:

Car Accidents are Common in PA

Auto accidents are frequent in Pennsylvania. They leave those involved as well as their families devastated. Thousands die, and many others end up with life-changing injuries

In 2016 alone, there were 144 auto accidents along Bristol Road. That is way too many accidents on a single road. Anyone could have been involved in any one of those tragedies.

Recovering Compensation Can be a Challenging Process

The law in Pennsylvania requires all drivers to carry auto insurance. The coverage is meant to pay for property damage as well as medical expenses where necessary. That said, the compensation process is usually not a simple matter.

Unless you are an experienced auto accident lawyer, the process can be overwhelming at best and frustrating at worst. Still, the decision to hire an attorney or to handle the matter yourself is yours.

Pennsylvania is a “no-fault” State

PA is among the few “no-fault” states in the U.S. What the term “no-fault’ means is that you should first file a claim with your insurer. One more thing — there is a limit to the amount of compensation you can pursue from the at-fault driver.

What Options Do You have?

There are three options relating to compensation recovery. You can pursue “first-party” benefits from your insurer. In case you sustain injuries in an auto accident, your insurance company can pay your medical bills up to the maximum policy limit.

The second option involves filing a third-party claim with the insurance company of the driver at fault. You can also sue the at-fault driver. Be sure to do so within two years of the accident, or the statute of limitations prevents you from successfully suing them.

What to expect from Insurance Companies

Typically, insurance companies make settlement offers to claimants after an accident happens. But the amount is usually lower than what you deserve. An insurer might want to know the extent of your injuries, insisting that there needs to be an independent medical examination. The tactic is usually an attempt to limit or deny payments for medical bills.

They might also claim you were responsible, to some extent, for the accident; significantly reducing your possible compensation. A competent lawyer helps you to navigate the complex recovery process.

Some people choose to pursue recovery compensation on their own. Such people soon discover how challenging and confusing dealing with insurance companies can be. Depending on how simple or complicated your situation is, decide whether you need a lawyer in Bristol.