Don’t Get Burned by Legal Jargon: How to Find a Contract Lawyer


Contracts are often large, overly-complex documents that make what should be a simple exchange of services or property difficult. However, while the dialogue is difficult, it is necessary to understand the terms and conditions of the contract to ensure that you are getting what you agreed to. Finding a lawyer is likely the best option to protect your interest because attorneys specializing in contract law are able to navigate the legal jargon and explain the agreement in terms you can understand. Also, a lawyer is better suited to identify loopholes or problems in the contract. To find a contract lawyer, you can follow a few basic steps.

Find an Expert

To find a contract lawyer tampa, you will want to search databases and licensing boards. However, be aware that contract law is too general for your specific needs. What type of contract are you going to be signing? Are you signing as an individual or a business? There are several questions you should answer before hiring a lawyer, but no matter what employ an attorney that is an expert in your type of contract.

Verify Credentials

You should verify the credentials of any attorney you are considering. The state bar association and other licensing bodies will have information about your potential lawyer’s certifications as well as any pending disciplinary actions.

Call the Firm

Calling a law firm is an excellent way to see how they treat potential clients. If you are put on hold for an extended period or rushed to get off the phone, then that may be indicative of how you will be treated as a client. You want a firm that is happy to assist you and that is going to put your case and needs first.

Visit the Office

While a phone conversation is a fine way to test the waters, a consultation is the only surefire way to get to know your potential attorney. These face-to-face interviews provide you with the opportunity to find out about fee structures and to test the possible relationship. A client has to be able to communicate with their attorney and sometimes personalities clash, so it is better to know about this upfront.

Contract law is complex, and even the most mundane and routine agreements can be daunting when legally structured. Therefore, to ensure your interest, it is best to find a contract lawyer by following the simple steps above.

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