Explaining Nursing Home Abuse And Neglect

It is a shame to say this but there are so many elderly adults who are being abused right now by nursing homes. The same goes for many other facilities that are responsible for taking care of them.

Statistics show us that 1 in 20 nursing home patients is the victim of nursing home abuse and neglect. This is just taking into account what is reported. The number can be a lot higher because most such cases are not reported.

A big problem is that even when you are suspicious, it is very difficult to prove that elder abuse happened. This is mainly because when people age, eyesight, hearing, and mental acuity will decline. For the elderly, it can be very hard to communicate.

The main types of abuse the elders face are emotional, sexual, physical, financial, and neglect. Most nursing home negligence cases show the following common issues:

  • Falls
  • Bedsores
  • Abuse
  • Physical neglect
  • Overmedicating
  • Medical neglect


Neglect in a nursing home is very common. This often happens because nursing homes are underfunded and understaffed. It is possible there are too many residents when considering caregivers. Residents might not be able to receive the adequate emotional or medical attention they need.

Unfortunately, the role of nursing home neglect in the decline of the elder person is hard to determine.

Signs Of Abuse

If you suspect that someone you love in a nursing home is suffering from abuse, you should look out for signs. The most common one is the appearance of unexplained injuries, like rope marks, fractures, and welts. You can also look out for signs of malnutrition, unusual weight loss, clothing that is not appropriate for the weather, withdrawals from bank accounts, not being allowed to visit alone, and falling injuries.

Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuits

The nursing home can be held liable for the abuse of the elder when you can prove the fact that the duty of the nursing home was breached and that actual damages appeared because of that.

Nursing home liability commonly comes from negligent care, negligent maintenance, inappropriate equipment selection, and hiring bad employees. When the caregiver that was negligent was responsible for the abuse and he/she is employed by the nursing home, you can file a lawsuit against the home.

In order to file a lawsuit, you need the help of a personal injury attorney specializing in nursing home abuse. The process will involve several really important steps that you have to respect at all times. Most likely, you have no idea what you have to do. The attorney will know and will help you to obtain the rightful compensation.

Obviously, the nursing home will try to defend itself. This means instead of a settlement, the case might go to trial. This is where several complications can appear and you can be sure that expert witnesses will get involved. The good news is that when you hire an experienced injury attorney that knows a lot about nursing home abuse, you have a high chance of winning the case when nursing home abuse actually happened. But you still need to prove it.