Family Law: A Diverse Legal Practice

Family law is a law practice that covers many different topics. Some of these topics include child support, child custody, and premarital agreements. Family law also includes marital dissolution, also known as divorce. To obtain a divorce, a person must find a divorce lawyer, such as the divorce lawyer davenport ia. Most law offices that specialize in family law will have a divorce lawyer. 

To begin, it is best to understand the difference between civil and criminal cases. In criminal cases, laws dictating public behavior that have been broken by an individual are prosecuted by the government. If found guilty, an individual may incur fines, prison time, probation, or other forms of punishment. A civil case is one that happens between two people or businesses. It may also be between a business and an individual. The goal of this is to force someone to do something, such as sell property or stop something from happening. Family cases fall into the realm of civil cases.

Marriage dissolution happens when people want their marriage to end, and it can be achieved through a divorce or an annulment. A court will legally separate the couple and give orders over things such as child support, money, and property. Paternity is also declared in family cases. Paternity means that a man is declared the father of a child. Child custody cases will also be resolved in a family case. A family case can also result in a victim of domestic violence receiving a protection order, which means that the abuser is not allowed near the victim.

When a parent is no longer able to fulfill the duties of a parent for any reason, a family case will resolve the problem. Typically, the problem is resolved through termination of parental rights. Adoption is also handled with family cases. Child abuse and neglect cases are handled via family court. Family court is also the place where a person under the age of fourteen can receive a work permit. People under the age of eighteen can petition a family court for emancipation. This means that, should the emancipation be granted, the parents will no longer have control over the child. Underage marriages are also approved through a family case.

Family law comes with its own set of costs in order to be heard in court. One of these costs is the filing fee. This is the amount of money one must pay to be heard in a family court, but not all cases will have a filing fee. Additionally, only the person who initiated the case is responsible for this fee. There are also service, mediation, witness, and appeal fees that must be paid. If one cannot afford some or all the fees, one should talk to a lawyer or the judge by submitting a fee waiver request.

Family law is a diverse practice that provides many legal services to a variety of people. Without family lawyers, families would not be able to peacefully resolve legal disputes.