Get out of Jail – With Assistance

Being arrested can throw your life into disarray. One moment you’re going about your regular business, and another you find yourself behind bars. Before your trial, you don’t need to stay in jail if a judge sets a bail amount. Since you’re innocent until proven guilty, you can act like an innocent person and carry on with your normal routine while preparing your defense.

How to Find Money Quickly

Many people aren’t in a financial situation that allows them to turn over a large sum of money at a moment’s notice. If that’s the case for you or a loved one, there are resources you can turn to. You can call on a bail bond company for assistance. Many of them, like Andy Callif Bail Bonds, a local bail bond company in Ohio, are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can make that call as soon as you get a chance so you don’t have to spend more time in jail than you have to.

The Basics of Bail Bonds

Bail is a type of insurance that the court offers. When a person posts bail and is released but never returns for court dates, the money is taken by the state. If someone does end up returning for court, the money is returned.

When you cannot post your bail but still wish to be released, a bail agent – also called a bail bondsman – posts bail on your behalf. You would pay the bail bondsman a certain percentage of the bond amount as a fee. You would also be asked to find other types of collateral that would help to ensure your presence at your court date. You can do this individually or collectively with friends or family.

If you have any questions, any bail bond company would be able to answer them and walk you through the process of how to acquire funds when needed.