Go For The Best Lawyer For Immigration Laws’ Violations

Perhaps you know about a lawsuit filed by American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) against the Trump Administration. The lawsuit was filed because Trump denied right of abortion to a 17 years old immigrant from Central America. Her name is Jane Doe. At the time of filing of the case she was in custody of ICE. She was denied the rights by the Trump Administration. She was in a facility in Texas. Under Texas law a minor can opt for abortion if her parents has consented or she has got judicial waiver. But Jane was not allowed to go to a hospital for abortion. Abortion at the facility was also denied. It was sheer violation of the rights of the immigrant.

This case was then taken to a federal court by the ACLU on behalf of Jane. After several hearings the judge ruled that the Trump administration violated the rights of the immigrant. Good news is that Jane became able to go for abortion after the decision.

According to laws these undocumented immigrants, who have been detained in ICE custody, have rights to receive sufficient medical care. And the right to have an abortion is also included in laws. The American citizens and undocumented immigrants share the same right to abortion. They have that right even if they are in ICE custody. So it is a clear violation if a federal immigration official blocks the way of an undocumented immigrant.

That’s why undocumented immigrants should consult with an experienced attorney. You don’t know your rights. Even if you know them, you don’t understand the complications and minute details these laws carry. That’s why you need to consult a lawyer to effectively fight any violation of rights. No, a normal quality lawyer won’t help. He or she will bag lots of fees without giving you the desired relief.

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