Helpful Tips to Find an Ideal Family Law Attorney

Family lawyer represents you and fights for your rights, but proceedings are extremely personal, especially divorce process. Family law practice handles several sensitive aspects related to divorce like child custody, child support, alimony, property division, custody schedules, selling marital assets, etc.

End to a marriage is stressful time, so couples need to hire an experienced family law attorney possessing in-depth enormity of your case.

In legal fraternity many lawyers are emerging, so hiring a qualified one is a challenging task. You will need to be careful while selecting, so as to obtain the services of skilled and knowledgeable expert, who will represent and defend your rights. Below are some helpful tips to find the ideal family law attorney.


With high divorce rates, there is a possibility that someone in your family and friend circle may have gone through a divorce. Discuss with them how they tackled the legal divorce process. They are the trusted sources to approach for recommendation of a divorce lawyer. Marital issues are private but the people very near to you undergone similar litigation matters can provide an honest and helpful advice.


Law is an extensive study area, so hire a lawyer, who specializes in family law. Specialty will improve the important skills, which are crucial in attaining best settlements in a divorce case. Criminal lawyer is not able to effectively purport legal family law issues in court.

Identify your needs

  • Is it a friendly and mutual divorce agreement?
  • Is it one-sided messy divorce?
  • How you desire the process to be handled?

Answer these questions to pick an attorney, who will address your goals, properly.

Consider your personal preference like age, gender, personality, etc. Having such preferences are fine because you wish to have a lawyer, who is comfortable to work with.

Research and take consultations

Some countries provide referral programs. You can get help from these programs to find divorce attorney. Online is the best source to gain contacts of local law firms. Make a list of reliable and experienced divorce law firms that are popular. Visit them for consultations and opt for one, who makes you feel comfortable.

Avoid red flags

In the initial consultation, if a lawyer seems to be making unrealistic promises, then it is a red flag. Move to an expert, who understands your sensitive situation.


Lawyers have to undergo intense and lengthy training prior getting certificate to practice within specific jurisdiction. Therefore, look for advocates with legitimate certificate and license. The professionals at Gig Harbor family law firm are licensed, responsive, educated, and easy to converse with. You can approach them if you reside in the US.


Specialization and experience are two sides of same coin. A family law attorney specialized in divorce for long period guarantees quality service.

Divorce is hard and stressful for the entire family. Therefore, make sure to find a law firm with experience of dealing with family law matters. They need to be committed as well as offer necessary time and attention you deserve.