Holding Hospitals Accountable For Malpractice

Hospitals save millions of lives each year. Without them, countless more people would lose their loved ones prematurely. There’s no doubt that we should be grateful for the tremendous job that hospital doctors, nurses, and specialists perform annually. Despite all of this well-deserved praise, there is a small majority of hospital staff that don’t perform their jobs well, and in fact, this group of personnel actually does grave harm to patients by being negligent in their duties.

Much responsibility is placed into the hands of hospital staff. We’re aware of the pressures they’re under and the long hours that they work to make sure that their patients are taken care of. Doctors often work long shifts with little rest in-between. They’re on-call at nearly all times and often work tired. Still, when lives are on the line, they are expected to perform in a way that keeps their patients safe and sound during their time in a hospital. When a doctor makes an error, a person can lose their life. For this reason, the law looks very seriously at charges of malpractice on the part of hospital staff.

A hospital malpractice attorney exists to make sure that doctors live up to their end of the agreement. They take an oath to protect lives and perform their duties. When they fail to live up to these promises, people can suffer lifelong injury or even death. Attorneys represent both patients and the people who lose them due to medical malpractice in a hospital setting. They take a look at the facts of the case and determine if malpractice occurred.

Malpractice isn’t just a doctor making an honest mistake. Honest mistakes do happen and most patients and their families are understanding of this fact. No one expects a doctor to be perfect. There are times when doctors honestly do the best that they can do and a patient still dies. Patients don’t pursue malpractice lawsuits in these cases, and doctors are thankful for this. When malpractice does occur, it is usually gross negligence so obvious that even non-medical personnel can determine that the doctor, nurse, or specialist didn’t perform their duties as they had promised to do.

If you’re a patient or a family member who believes malpractice may have occurred, call an attorney! The sooner you take the case to an attorney, the sooner justice can be served.