Know Your Rights When Employment Discrimination Affects You

The law makes it illegal for employers to discriminate against anyone based upon race, gender, religion, color, or national origin, but that doesn’t mean incidences don’t still occur. Unfortunately, violations of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 do occur far too often and may be committed by an employer, employment agency, or labor organization.

Discrimination in the workplace can take several forms, though most people associate it with how individuals are fired or hired. Additionally, promotions, wage payments, training availability, and the access to other employee benefits may all be used to discriminate against one employee or a group of employees. Harassment can also be a form of discrimination and is best handled by a sexual harassment lawyer Apopka Fl, when it occurs.

The first action you should take is to file a complaint with your employer. They are bound by law to investigate claims of harassment or discrimination and to take action to correct the human rights violation. If you’ve already pursued this course of action and the situation seems to be unresolved, your next action should be to contact an experienced attorney. You have the right to fair treatment at your place of employment.

Some people may not realize that fair treatment is also guaranteed by the law and this is something employers are required to enforce. This can involve treating certain employees unfairly or giving special perks to other employees. In either case, this creates an unequal work environment and must not be allowed to continue.

Unfortunately, proving unfair treatment is often difficult. Before taking any action on your own, you should first consult an attorney experienced in dealing with workplace discrimination. Your attorney can help advise you on what actions you need to take and on how best to document the unfair treatment. Together, you and your attorney can build a better case and achieve a more positive outcome. While it still may not be easy, the challenges you’ll face will be worth it, if it means resolving an intolerable situation.