Mistakes To Avoid When Seeking Social Security Disability Benefits

66% of all SSDI candidates will have their underlying case denied. If they go to appeal, and regardless of whether they are fruitful, they will experience slow progress and may hold up two years or longer before they ever receive an installment. Below are some of the points to remember while filing a claim.

  1. Going into the procedure without knowledge. A few people trust it’s simply a question of rounding out a couple of forms, sending them in and sitting tight for their checks. They would be shocked to discover exactly how confounded the SSDI procedure truly is.

The Social Security Administration takes after a five-step consecutive assessment procedure to decide whether an individual fits the bill for handicap benefits including:

– You should not be employed, which is characterized as earning $940 per month or more,

– Your condition is extreme, which means it meddles with essential exercises of work,

– You should have knowledge that your disability qualifies for the claim.

– You are not ready to take up the work you had been doing before the disability, and,

– You can’t play out some other kind of work.

  1. Experiencing the SSDI procedure alone. People who apply for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits without a lawyer will probably have their claim denied. Official procedures are tricky and you must have support of an accomplished lawyer such as available at Snow Carpio & Weekley while you file a claim. Your disability combined with filing a claim can prove to be too much for you.
  2. Belittling the effect of your handicap. Now and then pride drives individuals to underplay the degree of their disability since they have persevered through a condition so long that they have figured out how to adapt to the worry of day by day life. Be that as it may, numerous individuals belittle how much their inability influences their everyday lives. In any scenario this should not be done.
  3. Overstating the effect of your handicap. On the opposite end of the range are individuals who need to exacerbate their condition show up more than it is. For instance, a man who utilizes a stick at a hearing under the steady gaze of an authoritative law judge however doesn’t regularly utilize a stick would be over-speaking to his condition. This too is detrimental to your claim.
  4. Being unclear about your work history. Comprehending what the requirements are for your work, and demonstrating precisely from the start why you can’t play out this work any more, is a fundamental piece of meeting all requirements for SSDI benefits.
  5. Missing the appeal’s due date. The Social Security Administration denies in excess of 60 percent of all underlying SSDI applications, yet there is a formal appeal process with three levels. On the off chance that you are rejected at any level, you have just 60 days to engage to the following level. In case of missing a deadline you need to start afresh.