Nursing Home Blues: Signs of Elderly Abuse

Placing your loved one under the care of professionals is a responsible thing to do, which is probably why you took this step. Seeing signs of abuse is very disheartening. Of course, you are not sure about this, but abuse in nursing homes is a real possibility, so your suspicions are not farfetched. The following are signs that you need to watch out for that could inform your next steps. 

Emotional Issues

An obvious sign of abuse is emotional distress. This can manifest in your loved one in numerous ways, making it very important that you pay close attention to his or her behavior. A person being abused could act agitated or upset without being provoked. You may also notice him or her become a little more withdrawn from you, family members, friends, or others. There are some people who could end up feeling depressed after being abused for longs periods of time, so keep this in mind.

Results of Neglect

Neglect is another form of abuse, and there are a number of ways your loved one could be neglected. For example, some nursing homes do not feed patients as they are supposed to. What you want to do is look for signs of dehydration or malnutrition, which can sometimes be linked to neglect. Of course, this is not always the case so you can just bring up your concerns to see if anything changes. Be sure to take notes about your complaint and what was discussed while monitoring your loved one, just in case this issue needs to be escalated.

Staff Difference

Another sign of abuse could show up in your loved one’s behavior around staff members. What you want to do is pay close attention to what your loved one speaks about or doesn’t speak about when there is a staff member around. Try to see if your loved one gets nervous around staff members or tries to not make eye contact with them. All of these could be signs of trouble. It could mean that your loved one feels scared around these individuals. Do not confront the staff; just make a note of this behavior for now.

Excessive Sedation

Yes, it is true that some elderly people are going to need some form of medication at some point in their lives to deal with a host of issues like pain. What you do not want to see is your loved one being sedated or medicated frequently, especially if you know there is no reason why he or she should be this medicated. You want to share this sign and any other signs with a nursing home abuse attorney Omaha NE, who is well aware of this type of abuse. Sure, there may be other types of attorneys, but it is better to hire one with this kind experience to have a better chance.

Hopefully, some of these signs help guide you in the right direction. Make sure that you talk to your loved one, even if he or she is not too open about what he or she may be going through. It may be a good idea to ask your attorney about additional signs of abuse just in case.