Securing Your Freedom Before the Court Date

After you have been arrested, you are given the chance to bail yourself out of jail.  However, when you do not have the bond amount set by the judge, you might think that you have to sit in jail until your court date.

When you want to go home before that court appearance, you can ask your friends or family members for the money, take out a loan, or use the services of a Harrisburg bail bondsman.  You can secure your bond and learn about this transaction by using the information on the website.

Learning about Bail and Bonds

The process for getting a bail or a bond is different than taking out a bank loan or borrowing the money from a friend or relative.  This transaction requires you to follow the legalities involved with it if you want to stay out of jail.

Regardless of whether you take out a bond or a bail amount, you are obligated to show up for all of your court appearances.  If you do not show up to court or leave town, something that is called jumping bail, you will have an arrest warrant issued for you.  The bondsman can then pursue you until you are captured and put in jail.  You will then owe the entire amount of the bond or bail as well as interest and penalties.

Because of these legalities, you need to think carefully about whether or not you can afford to borrow the money from the bonds company.  If you agree to the terms, you can use the contact information on the website.  The bondsman may be able to come to the jail to have you released anytime day or night.  Most bonds companies operate 24 hours a day even on the holidays and weekends.

You do not need to sit in jail until your court dates.  You can get released now and avoid borrowing money from relatives and friends by using a professional bail bonds service.  You can research the terms of this arrangement by visiting the bail bonds website.