Should You Hire a DWI Legal Counsel?

You need to consider hiring a Driving While Intoxicated or a Driving Under the Influence lawyer if you already have prior DWI or DUI charges in the past, if they occurred because of an accident, if there are people seriously injured or killed during the accident, if you are relying on your driver’s license as your source of income, or if you are facing a hefty fine or worse, jail time.

Even if none of the situations mentioned above applies to you, DUI or DWI attorney can help people understand the laws when it comes to these charges in your state and the penalties you will pay if you are convicted for drunk driving. Consulting with a legal counsel can also keep the defendant out of hot water if the conviction can jeopardize the opportunities for the defendants in the near future.

Drunk driving is a severe problem that the United States is facing and a grave crime in every state, but the DWI or DUI laws do not require that you are drunk, intoxicated or under the influence of any illegal substance to be found guilty of the charges.

Instead, the rules and regulations will measure the ability of the lawyer to operate any vehicle by knowing whether they are impaired based on your blood alcohol level exceeding the state or city limit. The blood alcohol limit, according to the government, is .08% all over the country.

The consequences of a Driving While Intoxicated or Driving Under the Influence case vary drastically from city to city or state to state, and they are influenced by the age, BAC or Blood Alcohol Concentration on your body, whether you have been previously arrested for the same allegations or whether you caused death or injury during a DWI or DUI. Deciding whether you need to hire a lawyer or not is a personal choice. Here are some of the things you need to consider before you hire an attorney.

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What DWI attorneys do?

Generally speaking, a DWI legal counsel looks at all the possible consequences for every client and knows how to minimize the potential damage to the livelihood and the lives of their clients. Usually, an attorney will assess their client’s situation and know that there is a big chance that their client can be offered probation or they may face minor penalties.

During those situations, people facing these DWI charges can decide the potential penalties and sanctions are small enough to face the case without the help of a lawyer or they take the plea bargain very quickly with the prosecutor. But every Driving While Intoxicated charges are very different, and it makes a lot of sense to make sure that your situation is not such that you could not live with penalties or long-term consequences. It is one of the essential roles of DWI lawyers to play in their client’s cases.

A DWI attorney will assess the cases they handle

Because of the different circumstances in every Driving While Intoxicated case, and to the varying laws and bylaws in various cities and states, the possible consequences of a DWI depends on a lot of different factors. An excellent and experienced legal counsel can help their clients understand the potential jail time or fines that can be a consequence in your city or state should the case go on trial.

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A lot of legal counsel specializes in Driving While Intoxicated only deals with matters within the scope of their specialty and know the prices from top to bottom, including all the hidden options that public lawyers may not tell you. Not only that, a lot of attorneys can offer free consultations, which can be worth your time if you do not understand the process and it can prevent you from spending a lot of money if you do not need legal counsel.

The consequences of a DWI differ from city to city or state to state and a lawyer can explain well how the effects apply to you. For example, if you are arrested with Blood Alcohol Content is over the 0.8% limit. Not only that, there are special laws when it comes to underage drivers that are arrested for DWI.

An excellent lawyer will also tell their clients, whether they are eligible for community service or a plea bargain agreement, will understand the overlapping authority of the court and the government’s automobile licensing department to revoke or suspend your license. The lawyers can help you with a contingent license program that can help you use your car to get to and from work.