Technology is Changing the Way Criminal Defense Cases Are Handled

The legal system is changing, and although it is slow in moving forward, the criminal defense attorneys are using technology to help them find justice for their clients. Here are a few ways that technology is changing the way criminal defense cases are handled.

Everything Is Digital

A criminal defense lawyer in Houston once spent countless hours pouring over books, documents, and videos. That has changed for many attorneys in the past 20 years because almost everything has become digital. This can include phones, emails, online accounts, videos, and books. The use of key words and simple phrases can often locate information in moments that once took hours to find.

Communication Is Instant

The legal system is known for running slowly, and part of that is due to the way communication has been handled for over 100 years. When a client needed to make an appointment to see their attorney to sign a document or to talk over strategy, it took hours of the lawyer’s time each day. Screenshots and faxing let clients sign and return documents in minutes, and an attorney’s staff can often send questions out to a client and receive answers by email or by text in seconds.

Judgement Is Key

Hiring a specialist to sit inside a courtroom during the entire trial and analyze the jury candidates was costly. Now footage can be reviewed by the analyst in a fraction of the time and at a small percentage of the cost. The use of social media sites has also made investigating juror’s background much easier and less costly for criminal defense teams.

Constant Surveillance

The world is no longer a private place, and the criminal lawyer can often use that to his or her advantage. Timelines can be established with the use of street camera and ATMs can even provide help with images and times.

Technology is a part of modern life and is responsible in many ways for transforming the way attorney’s gather and formulate information. By embracing the new tech as it becomes available, the criminal defense lawyer can move his or her firm into the future.