The Responsibilities and Invaluable Asset of a Trademark Registration Attorney

Although it is possible for an individual to file an application for a trademark, the process is complicated. Most people choose to retain a trademark registration attorney because they have an excellent understanding and experience in this field. The attorney can ensure the trademark is protected and valid. The lawyer will begin by conducting a search to locate any potential issues with the registration. A trademark attorney provides their clients with valuable advice, assists them throughout the process and tells the client what the odds are for success. The attorney is also qualified to provide advice regarding design and legal matters. This type of attorney may have a private practice, belong to a firm or have experience in intellectual property. 

A trademark registration attorney in Dallas provides legal assistance for numerous types of businesses. They advise businesses on the selection and adoption of new trademarks, file applications for trademark registrations, handle any opposition, assignments, invalidations and revocations necessary and provide invaluable advice regarding matters of trademark infringement. These attorneys have passed numerous examinations, complied with requirements, observe the standards and ethics of their profession and maintain their formal registration at all times. They represent their clients through the United States Trademark Office and often possess degrees in business administration, engineering, marketing and science. They are exceptionally well qualified to best meet the needs of their clients. 

It is critical a trademark is legally registered. If a business chooses to use a trademark without prior registration it can lead to trademark infringement. When the trademark legally belongs to another company a civil action can be filed against any business using the trademark. The business can be prevented from using the trademark. Any client base or trademark recognition achieved will be lost. This can be prevented by hiring a trademark registration attorney. If the trademark is unable to be registered the attorney will inform their client prior to any trademark violation occurring. This saves the business a lot of time and expense. When trademark infringement is proven the business may have to pay for all damages, the costs of the proceedings, monetary relief and stop using the trademark for any and all purposes. 

The process for trademark registration starts with filing an application. The deadlines are very strict, there are numerous legal requirements and the best chance of success is achieved with a trademark lawyer. Not every application is approved, the process often becomes complicated and a legal background helps navigate the system. The requirements of both the Trademark Rules and the Trademark Act must be met for the registration to be approved. Research is required prior to filing the application to ensure the trademark is not already in use. It is often much easier to develop a new trademark than to begin a lengthy and expensive battle regarding which company has the legal rights to use the trademark. All of this can be accomplished much more easily by hiring an attorney prior to using any trademark.