Things to know about sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is the word not only used for sexual behaviors but also unwanted advances or inappropriate sexual comments. Discriminatory action based on gender is also the part of this type of harassment. Sometimes change in shift, type of work and promotions in short time is also categorized in this type of harassment. When a person joins the company or organization he must know each and everything about the workplace including the environment. The working environment is very important if there are involvement of such activities that the place is not suitable for work. In fact, people must take action against the employer to make the environment free of harassment. Employers must understand properly the meaning of harassment related to sex before making any claim. They must know following facts about this type of harassment.

Know about company policy

Every company has its own policy. They design the harassment training policy to prevent workers from any type of misconduct. It is important that employee must read the terms and conditions when he joins the office. Most companies allow the employees to file the claim if he notices such unethical conduct in the office. The policy even describes how to claim and appropriate steps that employee can follow to get rid of the harasser.

Understanding about how to protect from harasser

Usually, women hesitate to tell other about the situation they are facing. They get depressed and sometimes resign office without claiming. This is not good, she must be powerful and must be able to claim to protect other women from such harassment as well as help employer to kick out such person from the office. Victims must not be afraid as they can get full support from the law as well as high officials. Her claim can help in preventing workplace from the harasser.

Complete investigation and firing the harasser

When someone claims about the sexual harassment training in the office, it is important that employer must investigate the whole case. He can take evidence from different employees to reach to the baseline of the case. In this way, he can punish the harasser and in case of the serious issue, he must warn him or direct fire from the job.

Sometimes employer fails to cooperate with employees in that case employee must take a decision that is best for his/her life. He can even claim against the company where there are no laws against the harassment issues.