Three Surprising Ways To Make Your Divorce Easier And Cheaper

For most couples, going through a divorce is an all-around miserable experience. Legally separating your assets, and devising reasonable custody agreements can also be expensive. The good news is that this unfortunate and life-shaking event doesn’t have to break the bank. It doesn’t have to be extremely stressful either. Following are three, surprising ways to make your divorce both cheaper and easier.

Join A Support Group Right Away

You might think that joining a support group isn’t for you. After all, not everyone needs a supportive team to help them mend from the emotional ravages of a tough breakup. With divorce, however, having a place where you can vent freely, and where you can talk your way through any deep-seated emotional issues can make it infinitely easier for you to deal with your ex in an amicable and rational way. People who lack this type of outlet tend to be more argumentative and less willing to compromise in mediation. You don’t want to slow the progression of your divorce down by making statements or taking actions to punish your partner for your disappointment, hurt, and distress. The sooner that you work through these issues, the easier it will be to get things done and move on with your life.

Hire An Attorney

Many people are under the mistaken impression that hiring attorneys is only something that divorcing couples do when they cannot work through this process in a reasonable and mature way on their own. Having an attorney on your team, however, can provide a wealth of benefits, whether you and your ex are on good talking terms or not. Divorce lawyers in Lake County IL will have a comprehensive understanding of local, matrimonial law and the related family court system. They’ll be able to suggest options for dissolving and distributing assets that you hadn’t thought of. They can also remain completely objective about your case at a time when you most likely cannot.

Never Make The Assumption That Your Ex Won’t Be On Board With A Collaborative Process

It’s never a good idea to simply assume that your ex won’t be willing to participate in a collaborative process or take part in any necessary mediation. This is often an incredibly tense and highly emotional time on both sides. As such, even if you’ve already been served with adversarial pleadings, and even if your ex has already obtained counsel, there still may be a chance to work towards your divorce goals together. Your willingness to remain moderate, calm, and reasonable could help change the tone of these efforts in a way that benefits both you and your ex emotionally and financially.