Valuable Points About Two Wheeler Accident And The Precautions To Avoid Them

Motorbike accidents are the most disastrous. From statistics it has been observed that the motorcycle accidents occur thirty-five times more than car or the other vehicle accidents. Never risk your life while driving. There are various reasons that lead to the accident.

Motorcycle accidents are really destructive as people may lose their life to major injuries and serious disablements which are enough reasons to ruin someone’s life. You must learn more from different websites what are the reasons for such accidents.

Causes Of Accident

  • Crash with the Other Vehicle – The major reason is a clash between motorbike and the other vehicle in the front. More than seventy five percent of crash accidents occur due to the head-on clash and from behind its only 5 percent. The collision accident proves dangerous to the person on the bike.
  • Left Side Turn – Left Turns are the most disastrous reason for the accident. It happens mostly when the car driver takes left turn. Every year forty two percent of accidents occur due to left hand turns. It happens usually with the bikers when they try to overtake the car or passing the car or when the bikers cross the intersection.
  • Intake of Alcohol and High Speed – This is the reason for all the accidents that involves a single biker. High speed is like inviting danger for yourself and with this you are putting many lives in danger. Drinking and driving accidents have a large contribution to the records of accidents and have taken many lives of bikers and even pedestrians are prey to these accidents.

How To Avoid Them

  • The person driving a bike is the one who suffers the most during the accident, so the bikers must be very careful. It is suggested not to drive too fast or too slowly, just maintain a pace of driving on a road. Concentrate on the road and see if there is any vehicle coming from back at fast pace. Whenever you find something wrong or irrelevant just stop your vehicle to avoid danger.
  • You must ensure that if someone else is riding the bike and you are at back then the driving person must be aware of all the driving concepts. You should not handover the bike to people even if they don’t know about the simple concepts of driving and save yourself from the disastrous accident.
  • You must keep your bike at a certain distance so that if anything wrong happens then you get time to make the right decision for you. Do not try to get between the lanes where cars are parked or in high traffic jam. As anytime a car driver may open its door which can prove hazardous for you. Do not drive while you are drunk as this can lead to major loss for you.

To wrap it up, it is suggested that you must be aware of driving rules and know the reasons that could lead to the accident. You should follow proper guidelines to avoid these accidents as it ruins not only your life but a major loss for your loved ones.