Weird Facts About Bail Bonds

Most people know only that you need a bail bondsman when you are in trouble and need to get the heck out of jail fast! While this is certainly true, there are actually some very interesting and weird facts about bail bonds Jefferson county colorado that you can read all about right here.

1. It is not legal for the bondsman to negotiate bail on behalf of the defendant. All the bail bondsman actually does is pay the full amount of bail in exchange for a fee in the amount of a percentage of the stated bail amount. The amount of bail that the court asks for is actually pre-determined by state law.

2. Not everyone is entitled to bail. If the crime is of a violent nature or there is a high risk of absconding from justice, the judge will not leave the option of bail. The defendant will remain in the possession of the jail until the court date.

3. You can actually be sent back to jail even after bail is paid. This is usually done when the rules that the court put in place are not followed. These rules usually consist of showing up to court dates on time, not using drugs or alcohol in certain instances, or even staying away from the victim if there was another person involved in the crime.

4. While the bail amount os pre-determined, it can always be appealed by the defendant. The judge does have the leniency to reduce the amount if it is unrealistic that the defendant is going to be able to pay it.

As you can see, there are plenty of interesting facts about bail and bail bondsman that you were probably not aware of. Remember these the next time you need bail yourself or you need to bail someone out of jail.