What Are The Time Limits Of Contacting Car Accident Lawyers?

This is a very important question that you need to fully understand the answer to when you are involved in a car accident and you are interested in filing a personal injury claim. What is very important at the end of the day is to contact an experienced car accident lawyer in Detroit, MI. The attorney can tell you exactly what deadlines you have to be aware of.

Remember that timeframes can vary from one state to another. This is another reason why a personal injury attorney can help you out since figuring out your deadlines can be quite complicated when you do not know where to look for such information.

When it comes to contacting your car accident attorney, there is no actual time limit to take into account. However, when you contact does depend on the time limits that apply to the personal injury claim.

Generally speaking, a good rule of thumb is that you need to file your personal injury claim in under 3 years. However, there are some circumstances that generally do affect this time limit. Here are some you should know:

  • When you suffered a serious head injury, it is normal to have your ability to make informed legal decisions in a timely manner. As a result, the claim time limit can be extended.
  • When the child was involved, there is a limit of 3 years after reaching the 18th birthday during which the compensation claim process can be started.
  • When car accidents happen in another country, there are different time limits that apply. Usually, they are shorter. Even so, car crash solicitors and personal injury attorneys can still help you to figure out exactly how much time you have available and what you should do next.
  • When you suffered injuries because of the deliberate actions of someone, you might be allowed to file a lawsuit in which you bring criminal charges to that individual. In this case, the time limit in which the legal process needs to be started is shorter.
  • When your desire is to pursue the personal injury claim later, court procedures still need to be filed within the legal time limits. When the claim is not started during the time limit, it is not possible to proceed.
  • There are some extensions you can get to legal time limits. However, these are only available in some exceptional circumstances and are dictated by law. You need to contact your lawyer to see exactly what these exceptional circumstances are in your case and how they can extend claim time limits.

To sum up, the general rule of thumb is that you need to start the legal claim process in under 3 years. However, this time limit can be affected by several things. This is why you need to contact your car accident attorney as soon as possible after the accident. By doing this, you guarantee yourself that you can actually file the claim and you also make the claim stronger since the attorney can build your case better and stronger when notified soon after the accident.