What to Know When You Book Through A Travel Website

When you go to book your next vacation one of the first things you will probably do is go to a travel website like Expedia or Travelocity. These websites make things very easy for you as they have everything that you need all in one place and you can complete your whole booking with just a few clicks of a mouse. Before you go to book through one of these websites think about these “buyer bewares” and make sure it’s worth the risk. Hundreds of people everyday have great success stories from using these websites but there have been an unlucky few that would want you to learn from their mistake!

Don’t expect a satisfaction guarantee

Let’s say you book what looks like a great deal at a great hotel for the weekend. The pictures of the room look great and to add a little fun to the mix you bought tickets to a nearby attraction to ensure a great time. There were great reviews on the website for the hotel and attraction so you feel pretty confident. But then you get to the hotel only to find out that those beautiful pictures you saw were of a different room than the one you’re staying in and your room stinks like a wet dog. The hotel is booked up for the night so they tell you that there is nothing they can do. Don’t expect a refund from the hotel. They won’t be able to give you one since you paid the travel website instead of booking through them. Your best bet is to go find another place to stay for the night because as far as the travel website is concerned, you stay and you pay. The only way you’re going to have any chance of getting your money back is to not stay at the hotel. The same goes for flights and attractions booked through these websites. The actual companies are powerless to do anything for you since you didn’t book through them. If you want the same great deals that the website offers without booking through them try calling up the actual hotels, attractions, and airlines and tell them about the deals you’re seeing. Many times they will honor the same deal for you and allow you to book through them. You can go to https://www.groupon.com/coupons/stores/emirates.com for awesome deals on flights that will probably beat that fancy travel site!

Read Reviews

Don’t just read the few reviews you see when you book and think that you’re fine. Of course that website isn’t going to show you any bad ones! Go to places like Google and TripAdvisor to find honest reviews before you book. If after reading reviews on your destination you feel confident that you’ll have a great time, go ahead and use the travel website. Just know, that by booking through them if you have any disputes or complaints you will have to go directly through the website to get anything done. And if that should occur, don’t expect them to do much to make you happy. Happy Travels!