What You Need to Do Immediately After Any Car Accident

You can never predict when an accident will occur, but do you know what you should do if in case you meet with accident? Usually immediately after the accident, you will get busy in taking care of your injuries. After you have settled down, you must do the following things to put yourself back on track.

  • Check your injuries

Yes, the first thing that you must do is check your injury and also the condition of your co passenger with you. You must immediately call emergency helpline for necessary support. You must also carry a first aid kit along with you in your car to take care about such emergencies.

  • Bring your vehicle to safe position

You must try to pull off your car out of the road so that it does not block the traffic and get more damaged. If all of you are unhurt then take your car to one corner of the road and set up the emergency triangle so that the other drivers can see it. These safety measures are necessary to prevent any further accidents.

  • Call police

Whatever be the nature of the accident, it is necessary to report the matter to the police, as the dealing with the insurance company can be difficult unless you have police report. When police officer visits you then tell him vital information regarding the accident, get eyewitness account and note down everything that you can remember about the accident. You must not leave the accident scene till police arrives and take your statement. Also note down the name of the Police officer.

  • Exchange information

If any other car is involved in the accident then note down the name, phone number, house address, license plate number, driver license number vehicle identification etc. You can also note down the model and brand name of the vehicle too.

  • Documentary evidences

If you have camera then click the picture of the accident site, weather, the traffic condition, road condition or any other information that may be useful. If possible write down the condition during accident and what really caused the accident according to you.

  • Don’t accept any fault

Do not blame anyone and also do not accept your fault too. Do not engage in debate or argument with people around you or with the other driver. If you discuss then your mind can be diverted by the argument of the other person and you will not be able to put across your point. If you can call your lawyer then he may also guide what you should do.

  • Talk to your lawyer

Instead of calling the insurance company, you must talk to your lawyer and after consultation with him inform your insurance company. Christopher Simon Attorney at Law who is an expert in car accident claims, suggest that any carelessness on your part during this moment may cause serious damage to your case. Therefore, in the first stage, you must follow the instructions of your lawyer and act as per his guidance.