Why Hiring A Firm With In-Depth WSIB Knowledge Is Critical

Picture this: you are in good health, you have a beautiful family, a career on a positive swing and everything is looking good for the foreseeable future. A serious, unexpected injury occurs all of a sudden: it may be car crash head trauma, a slip or fall accident, or a recurrent job stress injury. Such occurrences are out of your control; completely impossible to predict, they stand to crumble your world by depleting your bank account and rendering you physically crippled. In this situation it’s easy to feel paralyzed—it can be incredibly stressful to decide what course of action will be  best for you and your family in the long run. This is where WSIB lawyers with in-depth knowledge come in handy.

The workers comp lawyers at Goodman Law Group are purposed to assist aggrieved parties in pursuing fair and sufficient compensation when a tragic, unforeseen accident occurs that is beyond circumstances that you could possibly control. These lawyers certainly understand how lengthy and tedious the process can be if you go it alone all the way. To mitigate the tedium, these firms will offer legal guidance and even legal representation for as long as your case lasts.

These associates handle a variety of cases where the client has been injured, but mostly specialize in “on-the-job” injuries. They are extremely familiar with cases that fall under the jurisdiction of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) and in dire situations may help you to appeal an unfavourable decision by the Board. The relevant legal teams are extremely committed to their responsibilities, working full-time to ensure that the injured worker receives the deserved benefits promptly.

Secondly, experienced WSIB lawyers in Toronto will put their talents you use in cases where victims have been affected by injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents, including injuries that may have arisen as a result of car crashes, commercial truck accidents, pedestrian accidents, motorcycle crashes and bicycle collisions. The firm’s dedicated teams assist their clients in filing for Statutory Accident Benefits and ascertaining that all injuries are classified correctly to ensure full allowable Medical and Rehabilitation Benefits.

Thirdly, they specialize in slip and fall and trip and fall claims, catering to all parties who have suffered from serious injuries owing to slipping, tripping and falling on another individual’s property. For them to push the case through, they require evidence beyond reasonable doubt that the property owner or occupier was neglectful and as a result contributed to the occurrence of the accident. These cases are a little bit more demanding as they are associated with a heavy burden of proof, hence, victims are strongly advised to work closely with personal injury lawyers.

If you’re like most victims and have no prior expertise in legal representation, seeking assistance from qualified lawyers with a good understanding of the laws and policies around WSIB may be the only way to stand a fair chance of full compensation. Also, keep in mind that a decision made in bad faith by the WSIB can be contested in a civil lawsuit, and again, the victim stands to benefit if he engages quality legal representation.