Why Workers Compensation Claims are Denied

When you are injured on the job, it is natural to believe that you will be entitled to workers compensation. However, many times claims are denied. There are several reasons that a claim can be denied including a simple mistake on the paperwork that was filed. What are some of the other reasons workers compensation claims are denied?

Missing the Time Limit for Reporting an Injury

It is a good idea to report an injury immediately. Many states have a certain time limit to report injuries and file a claim. Check to see if it is your responsibility to file the claim or if your employer handles the filing. Failure to file the claim within the specified time is often the reason for denied claims.

Is the Injury Work Related?

Sometimes, there may be a dispute over whether you sustained the injury on the job or elsewhere. Your employer might believe that the problems you are experiencing are not due to an accident at work. When this happens, you will need to prove that the injury did indeed occur at work.

If there were witnesses to the incident, they can be helpful. The doctor you see should be able to say if your condition is due to a work related incident. If you have been denied workers compensation, you may want to consult with a portland workers compensation attorney , such as Mark Thesing.

Did You Lose Your Job?

If you were injured and were laid off, quit, or were fired, you may receive a denial for your workers compensation claim. However, if the injury was reported while you were still employed, it is still possible to appeal this denial. It is also illegal to be fired for reporting a workplace injury.

Rather than trying to appeal a denial yourself, you should seek legal advice. This is a complicated legal process and is difficult for the average person to understand. Since there are so many rules and regulations regarding on the job injuries, it is important to understand exactly why you were denied. Preparing an appeal must be done properly to have a chance for a favorable outcome.