Truck Rollovers can be Deadly

Truck rollovers on U.S. roads and highways are more common than people realize. When they occur, they can leave a trail of seriously injured or fatal victims who get caught up in the accident, especially drivers who are traveling near the truck or nearby pedestrians.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration who oversees trucking safety regulations, truck rollovers are among the deadliest types of trucking accidents than occur. Because of the size and weight of large commercial trucks and 18-wheelers, truck rollovers often result in fatal injuries. Safety studies show that the majority of truck rollover accidents are due to truck driver errors that could be prevented.

What Causes Large Trucks to Roll Over?

According to research, most truck rollovers are caused by truck driver errors that involve speed, lack of attention to the road, improperly loaded trucks, and mechanical problems.


Accident statistics show that 50 percent of truck rollovers occur when truck drivers fail to adjust their speed around curves. The weight of large trucks causes them to lean in the opposite direction of a curve. If the driver doesn’t reduce the speed in a curve, the truck can easily overturn. Tractor-trailers and 18-wheelers that are less stable due to a high center of gravity are especially vulnerable to rollovers around curves.

Lack of Driver Attention

A truck driver’s lack of attention to the road accounts for a large number of truck rollovers and crashes. Chronic fatigue is a big problem among commercial truck drivers who spend days or weeks on the road. Drowsiness and sleepiness behind the wheel often contribute to driver distractions, physical and emotional impairments, and truckers actually dozing off while driving. The personal injury attorneys at Simon & O’Rourke Law Firm, P.C. encounter many truck collisions caused by driver fatigue.

Improper Loading

Large commercial trucks that are improperly loaded with cargo can create dangerous driving conditions. Long-haul trucks are typically loaded with cargo at a beginning destination, then cargo is delivered to distribution destinations along the route. When truck drivers fail to follow safe loading procedures or properly secure their cargo, the truck can become very unstable. A driver must pay close attention to proper loading procedures, the weight of the cargo, and the size and height of the truck.

Mechanical Problems

Truck rollovers are often caused by mechanical problems and lack of regular maintenance. Steering problems, braking problems, and bad tires are major causes of serious trucking accidents seen by a Personal injury attorney Houston. Many truck rollovers occur when drivers make sudden steering and braking adjustments to change lanes, avoid road hazards, and prevent collisions. If the truck’s steering, brakes, or tires malfunction, accident results are almost always deadly.