What to Know If You Are Seeking Child Support as a Single Mother

If you have no husband and you have just given birth or are pregnant, you are likely thinking about how to support your child. Of course, you are entitled to child support, and this is true regardless of the marital status of the father. If your child’s father is married, you are entitled to a monthly payment for your child. There are, however, a few things you need to know.

You should get an attorney

If you have child support lawyers hernando county fl working in your interest, everything will be done according to the law, and this is important for several reasons. Paternity will be established, so the biological father of your child will be legally recognized. After this, the amount of the child support will be determined. Most states have a formula that is used, and this is dependent upon the biological father’s income. The more money he makes, the more money your child is entitled to for support.

Never take a father’s word for support

Many men will tell a mother that they will support the child, and perhaps in the beginning they will. Over time, they may begin to miss a payment or two. They may stop paying altogether. This is when you will have wished you had an order for child support. By going through the court system for a child support order, you will be able to take legal action against the father when he stops paying. One of the most important tools to achieve this is with the garnishment of his wages. As long as he works, money can be taken from his check and transferred to you, so you can pay for your child’s expenses.

Child support for your baby is not something you should gamble on. There are laws on the books to help a mother get the money to pay for the upbringing of her child. Always get legal help so that this support is paid by the father. The difference that child support can make to your son or daughter through throughout the course of their childhood can be profound. The money from your baby’s father will mean a higher quality of life and a better future for you child.