Australia’s Family Law Crisis Reaches Tipping Point

The Australia’s family law crisis has been increasing with the passage of time and there are many reasons to it. People such as the family law specialist are trying to lower down the rate by coming up with their different strategies which might prove to be helpful for the families in need who are either on the verge of splitting up or are just going through a rough patch in their lives. However, the main blame is being put on the Australian family courts, who are failing tremendously in coping with this problem.

The inefficiency of the court has almost doubled the rate of the crisis over the past few years, which is an alarming situation for the Australian government and future. Moreover, the judicial system of the court such as the judges and lawyers have not been doing their jobs with the full honesty, hence, the increased rate and the implementation of the unjustified decisions. There are no clear set of rules and regulations, which can bind the whole system, be it the clients or the judiciary together under one umbrella, and this needs to be reconsidered. The only thing which brings uniformity among the clients, family law specialist, lawyers, judges and the social scientists is the demand of rewriting the reforms for the family law.

Furthermore, it would be unfair to blame everything on the court because there are certain other factors too, which are becoming a cause of disturbance in this regard. For instance, the inefficiency of the government in coming up with the updated and clearer policies. Not to forget the government funding, which is very essential as it links one thing to the other. For example, insufficient government funding leads to inefficient and lack of resources in the government courts, which deliberately leave an effect on the overall environment. It is believed that there is more of a blame game going on among the officials, when they should be working together to come up with interesting and effective solutions to get rid of this problem.

The results of most of the frequently conducted surveys showed that the major problem lies in the mere fact of government’s under funding that too for over a decade now. The court is sill filled with the old judges who gave always been there and somehow, the biasness and unethical ways have started to emerge because of the lack of appointing new officials and judges who can take decisions with a fresh mind and less of societal pressure. If the Australian government starts by correcting this particular problem, then the Australia’s family court crisis would end soon in the upcoming years, making it a better place to live for the future generation.

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