Retaining Access to Your Grand children

Being a grandparent might be one of the most rewarding experiences in your life. You relish the time you get to spend with your grandchildren. You want to be a steady influence in their life regardless of whether or not their parents stay together or get divorced.

When the parents decide to split, however, you may realize the risks that can cone to your relationship with your grandchildren. You may be able to retain access to them by hiring a lawyer that specializes in family, custodial, and grandparent rights in missouri .

Establishing Visitation

As a former in-law to one half of the parental couple, you may be perceived as a threat to that individual. The mother or father may regard you as someone who does not deserve time with the children. He or she may assume you will side with your own child in the split and try to poison the children’s minds against him or her.

With that, this parent may try to bar you from seeing the children or attempt to restrict your time with them. When you hire a lawyer, you can pursue visitation with the children in court. You can establish that you pose no threat to the kids and just want to exercise your rights as a grandparent.

The parents may not actually be aware that grandparents like you have rights, in fact. Your lawyer can represent you in family court. Your interests can be heard and decided on at the same time other matters in the divorce and custodial hearing are ruled on in court.

Pursuing Custody

There may be a time that you have to pursue custody of your grandchildren, however. When both parents are not capable of taking care of them or pose a risk to the children, it may be up to you to ask the court for custody. You could be the last resort before they end up in the foster care system.

Your lawyer can help you file for custody of the children. He or she can also help you seek child support from the parents if necessary.