Signs of Sexual Abuse to Watch For

When you are a parent, there are always things that you need to pay attention to so that you can protect your kids from danger and harm. Sexual abuse is a serious issue that is rampant in our society, so noticing the warning signs of abuse is something that every parent should pay attention to. 

This way, you can nip it in the bud and get your child the help that they need. Here are some of the signs of sexual abuse that you should know about as a parent. 

Your Child Becomes Uncharacteristically Quiet or Aloof

If your normally gregarious, outgoing child suddenly becomes painfully introverted, it could be a sign of post-abuse trauma. They don’t know how to process the abuse they went through and don’t fully understand it, so this can cause them to withdraw from many areas of life. 

Get into the habit of speaking to your child regularly to see how their day went, and you will be able to notice these differences more easily. Always look for strategies for communicating with your kids so that you’re able to have tough conversations with them. 

They Begin Acting Out Sexual Situations or Having Adult Conversations

It’s also a telltale sign if your child begins exhibiting sexual behavior — particularly in an adult manner. This is a sign that they have been exposed to these situations by someone. 

These signs could come in the form of sexual conversations or simulating sex acts. 

They are Extremely Reluctant to Be Left Alone With Certain People

It might also be a sign of abuse if your child is reluctant to be around certain children or adults. Pay careful attention to this warning sign if your child is adamant about not spending time with them. 

From there, you can begin getting down to the root of the issue and whether or not abuse occurred. 

Your Child Reverts Back to Younger Behavior

Your child may have also been sexually abused if they’re reverting back to prior behavior. This could include bed-wetting, whining, sucking their thumb, or wanting to be treated like a baby. 

They respond this way in response to being exposed to adult situations that they don’t understand. 

The Doctor Diagnoses Them With a Sexually Transmitted Infection

Finally, the biggest sign of all is a sexually transmitted infection (STI) diagnosis. Regularly take your child in for their pediatric checkups, and take it very seriously if the doctor makes you aware of an infection. They may suggest that you alert the authorities or otherwise take action. 

You should also consider this post to learn more about how predators attempt to reach out to children online. Kids are online earlier than ever, so you need to limit their intake and access to adults on any of their devices. 

Watch the Warning Signs of Sexual Abuse

Consider these signs of sexual abuse so that you can be more vigilant about protecting your children. When you get to know the warning signs you will be better able to protect your kids from harm. 

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