The Challenges of Immigrating To the UK

Immigration is a particularly complex and dynamic aspect of UK law. Between 2010 and 2018, there were 5,700 changes to the immigration rules, which is an average of 712 rule changes per year.

Throw into the mix the ongoing uncertainty of Brexit for EU businesses, and you get a sense of the challenges of relocating an employee or a whole company to the UK and the importance of getting expert advice to ensure your move happens quickly and with minimum cost.

Why you need an immigration lawyer

Deciding to immigrate, transfer employees to the UK or invest in a business here is an important one. For businesses this is usually driven by a need to attract or retain the best talent to enable business growth. For individuals, it can be about fulfilling ambition or reuniting a family.

Whatever the situation, we know that going through an immigration process may be daunting and stressful. Having specialist support throughout this process helps clients:

  • Understand the options available and choose the best one for a successful outcome based on circumstances
  • Manage the end to end immigration application process, including any appeals
  • Ensure employers have the necessary Home Office approval in place to employ overseas nationals
  • Know and manage ongoing obligations whilst on a visa and remain compliant with relevant immigration law

A simple error in an application to relocate or apply for residency in the UK can mean your application is denied. There are also serious ramifications for employers who do not comply with their legal obligations when employing people on visas.

What do immigration solicitors do?

There are many ways in which immigration solicitors support businesses or individuals wishing to make the UK their home, either temporarily or long term. GSC solicitors help clients manage a broad range of situations, including:

  • Appropriate recruitment processes and sponsorship of foreign nationals enabling sponsoring businesses to bring skilled individuals from outside the EEA into the UK to work
  • Advising investors on visa requirements, allowing them to make financial investments in the UK
  • Supporting entrepreneurs who wish to set up, run or take over a UK business and be actively involved in a UK based business
  • Establish a UK branch office or subsidiary
  • Support with asylum claims and those whose human rights are violated
  • Applying for British citizenship, helping clients assess their eligibility and managing this particularly challenging process.
  • Applying for a visitor visa, helping clients to manage the complex process and understand the rules
  • Using your UK ancestry to apply for a visa for yourself or wider family

GSC Solicitors

The corporate and commercial solicitors at GSC use their specialist knowledge and experience to support clients on immigration matters.

We also advise companies of all sizes, private individuals and overseas clients on their business and personal legal and commercial issues, combining innovation and expertise with a personal, client-focused approach to deliver the highest professional standards.

If you would like to speak to one or our team, then contact GSC for a consultation.