Everything You Need to Know About a Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury lawyers can also be referred to as trial lawyers or plaintiff lawyers. In addition, they are the kind of professionals who offer legal representation. Legal services are offered to victims of the careless deeds of an individual or an organization.

These professionals specialize in an area of law called tort law, which involves civil or private wrongs. Moreover, legal professionals such as a Norfolk personal injury lawyer work hard to ensure that injury victims are treated fairly. To know more about a personal injury lawyer, look below to read the important information worth noting.

  1. Statistics

Statistics reveal that about 6 million car accidents occur every year in America. This causes about 3 million personal injuries and around 40,000 deaths every year.Furthermore, according to Federal Motor Safety Carrier Administration, about 125,000 truck collisions occur annually in USA.

These accidents result in about 60,000 personal injuries and 5,000 deaths. In addition, statistics reveal that medical errors translate to about 10,000 deaths every year. Moreover, this information shows that there is a great need for personal injury lawyers in US.

  1. Kinds of Personal Injury Cases

Any claim or case concerned with the injury of the mind or brain is classified as a type of personal injury law.Examples of cases include vehicle accidents, animal bite injury cases, and brain and spinal cord injury cases.

  1. The Role of a Personal Injury lawyer

The main tasks of a personal injury lawyer are listed below:

  1. Screening potential clients and assessing the merits of their claims
  2. Investigating claims
  3. Formulating legal theories
  4. Drafting pleadings
  5. Researching case law
  6. Gathering evidence
  7. Witnessing and removing witnesses
  8. Counseling clients
  9. Preparing for trial
  10. Supporting motions and discovery
  11. Advocating for trial

Personal injury lawyers deal with demanding clients, large cases, and demanding clients.Accordingly, the most rewarding aspect of this practice is helping those who have been injured.In addition, many personal injury lawsuits are usually complex.


Personal injury lawyers pursue the same path of education just like other attorneys. They should earn a law degree and then perform well in a written bar examination. Moreover,a personal injury attorney may also become an expert in civil trial advocacy, especially if he or she completes a certification program.

Personal Injury Lawyer Skills

Top-notch personal injury attorneys have legal skills.Furthermore, they also excel at negotiation, oral advocacy, and client development. Notably, they develop specialized know-how in a field of personal injury law.

Employment Outlook

It is true to say that civil litigation is on the rise. This means that the employment outlook for personal injury lawyers is excellent.

Final Thoughts

Personal injury lawyers are important professionals. Other than preparing for a case, they also represent an injured person in the court of law. This is a vital role anybody who seek help regarding the law. Furthermore, top-notch professionals in this area have features that differentiate them from the ordinary