Turkish Divorce Law: All You Need to Know

As they say, Divorce can be conceived as the last straw for a ruined marriage. It can be illustrated as one of the most demanding and traumatic episodes of life. Along with that line of thought, you have to mull over a series of issues on the route of this demanding procedure of divorce.

Each and every country has their very own acts and constitutions regarding family laws. These codes of conducts mostly related to the religion, culture, and other civilized development in the fullness of time. As a result, it is imperative to look into the standards as well as the peculiarities of the divorce process in the country you planning to apply for divorce. With that notion, Turkey has their own set of types and grounds for divorce in accordance with the Civil Code of Turkish Republic.

In case you are wondering, the Family Law of turkey was formulated from the concept of Swiss Family Law, which is quite opposite to the popular opinions of being burdened with Islamic rules and regulations.

At the outset, you would find two regular types of divorce in Turkey. One is the Mutually Consented Divorce where both the parties come into a reciprocated conformity for the divorce. There would be no objections from either of the spouses and this is the more hasty and straightforward way to get a divorce. The second type comprises of the most common Contentious Divorce where one side wishes to liquefy the marriage and applies for divorce in the Court of Law on the basis of incompatibility.

Now, when it comes to the grounds for divorce, either of the spouses has the right to start the process of a divorce in the court on the off chance there is incompatibility between them. This code is clearly stated in the Turkish Civil Code, section 166/1. As for the particular grounds, the Turkish Court accepts the following issues to start the divorce procedure:

– Adultery

– Any kind of physical or psychological hostility

– Continuous impertinent and dreadful behavior

– Attempted murder

– Psychological ailment

– Abandonment (At lease for six months and abiding)

– Crime committed by either of the spouse

– Depraved and detrimental living standard

– When both parties live separately from one another

Some crucial facts on Turkish Divorce Law:

ú In Turkey, the divorce procedure must be started from the family court of the city. On the other hand, the marriage had to be registered at the office of Vital Statistics.

ú On the off chance that a foreigner wants to apply for divorce in Turkey, he has to go to the Civil Court and collect a decree for a divorce.

ú You will need the help of a Turkish Lawyer in case you are planning to get a divorce in Turkey. This lawyer will work as your attorney and will represent you in the Court of Law.

ú You may request a private trial if you are not comfortable with the public hearings.

ú When it comes to the Child Custody, the court will come to a decision in accordance with the need and want of the child.