What Is Getting Arrested Like?

All across the United States, many millions of people get arrested on an annual basis. People are routinely arrested for failing to appear at court, getting caught in the possession of prohibited substances, not paying child support, driving without vehicular registration, not having a valid driver’s license, and many other offenses. Although many people are simply written tickets and asked to pay fines or appear at court, tons of people are still arrested. If you’ve ever wondered what the arrest process is like, look no further.

The Arrest

Most arrests stem from traffic stops. Simple things like speeding give law enforcement officers a legal reason to stop you. After approaching vehicles that violate driving laws like speed limits, officers are allowed to ask for identification from everyone inside those vehicles. Many people are shown to have warrants, be on parole, or be on probation. Warrants are grounds for automatic arrests, whereas parole and probation terms are easy to violate. These are all common ways for people to get arrested. In other cases, warrants are served by officers who visit the homes of people who are wanted by law enforcement, though this method of arrest isn’t as popular.

Vehicles Can Sometimes Be Impounded

Drivers who are found to be operating their vehicles illegally can sometimes have their vehicles impounded. Further, those who get caught with drugs can also have their automobiles taken. Impounding takes place at the same time as the arrest.

Getting Booked

Law enforcement officers are responsible for taking arrestees to jail. Upon arrival, accused criminals have their fingerprints and pictures taken. Their identities are also confirmed. If under the influence of psychoactive drugs, they may be locked in a holding cell for a few hours to sober up.


Shortly after getting booked, accused criminals learn if they can be bailed out of jail. Arraignment is also where charges are formally addressed by a judge. If you get arrested, you’ll soon find that jail is the opposite of a good time. You should also soon find out if you can be bailed out by a aurora bondsman or not. Hopefully, you can!