Getting your partner a UK Spouse Visa

You might have been thinking of numerous ways to bring your civil partners, wife or husband to spend some time with you in the UK, you may not have to worry anymore, because the UK Spouse Visa is all you need to get your partner to be with you for over six months. A ‘dependant’ is the family member who is coming to stay with you in the UK. In this case, you’re the ‘sponsor’, and these people will have to apply from their location outside the UK. A visit visa is what your partner or spouse is advised to go for in the case where they’ll be around for less than 6 months. If your partner’s application is turned down, it may take another 6 to 9 months before you’ll be able to appeal, this is why it’s highly important that you get help from an experienced immigration adviser. Here are ways to go about it, you can either;

Knowing the time frame in which the visa will last

For your partner; civil partner, wife and children, it will go on for 33 months after which they’ll have the chance to renew for another 2 years and 6 months. After 5 years, they can apply to settle finally.

For your fiance

For your fiancé; the  UK visa will go on for 6 months, and after this time, they can apply for further leave.

6 months – your partner can apply for further leave as a spouse after this time.

What kind of visa does your partner need?

While everyone considers all kinds of visa to be a ‘spouse visa’, it’s important to understand that your present condition and circumstances will determine the type of visa your fiance or spouse will go for.

Consider the options below critically;

If you’re a citizen of the UK or naturalized, your partner or family member is expected to go for the ‘Family of a settled person’ visa.

If you’ve been able to secure an indefinite leave to remain in the UK, your partner or family member is expected to go for the ‘Family of a settled person’ visa.

If your dependant has no affiliate with the EEA, but you’re not only living in the UK but not also part of the EEA national, you’re required to get the ‘EEA family permit’ for your partner.

If you intend to walk your partner down the aisle in the Uk and also live together as a couple, the ‘Family of a settle person’ visa is what you’ll opt for.

If you have humanitarian protection or you’ve been able to secure refugee status in the UK, your family member or partner is required to get the ‘Family reunion’ visa.

Ensure that your partner or family member apply as a dependent with Tier 2 (General) visa holder in the case where you have a Tier 2 (General) visa.